How to Download Free Music For Your YouTube Videos?

How to Download Free Music For Your YouTube Videos?

How to download free music for your YouTube videos? Many tools assist you in this task. We have gathered the best options. Let’s check to choose your favorite! 

YouTube is an enormous source of videos where you can spend the whole day surfing its unlimited content. Interestingly, people come here to listen to music.

So how to download free music for your YouTube videos? This post will show you the best way to enjoy your favorite songs offline. Let’s refer to it!

Youtube Shorts video downloader

How to Download Free Music for Your YouTube Videos? 

Download Free Music For Your YouTube

YouTube contains videos that are in an MP4 format by default. So if you only want to save the audio, you need an MP4-to-MP3 convert and downloader. 

Luckily, you can choose from various tools because many people have the same idea as you. Here are the best options to try. 

1. SaveMP3

SaveMP3 is a free audio converter. You may convert YouTube clips to MP3 with its support quickly. 

The tool also provides downloaders for SoundCloud and music playlists. You can download tracks from SoundCloud in MP3 files and handle a long playlist from YouTube without any restrictions.  

To use SaveMP3 to download audio from YouTube, please follow these steps: 

  • Choose your favorite song on YouTube, then paste the video link into your browser’s address bar.
  • Enter the link into SaveMP3’s search bar. 
  • To start downloading music from YouTube in MP3 format, hit the “Download Now” option.

2. MP3hub

MP3 hub

MP3hub is a YouTube audio downloader that can work with almost any device and operating system. Its user-friendly interface helps you download YouTube material easily. 

Additionally, you may utilize the MP3hub search tool to find the best music if you can’t access the video link or YouTube in your region.

It takes just three simple steps to download audio from YouTube to your PC: 

  • Visit MP3hub, copy the YouTube video link, and insert it in the search bar.
  • Select the music you want to save.
  • To get the YouTube soundtrack, click “Download.”

3. YouTubeMP3

You may save YouTube audio using the bookmarklet offered by YouTubeMP3, an online music downloader. You may search for YouTube content right here without having to copy and paste the video link. 

You can also download a YouTube playlist using this tool. To make it easier for users to discover what’s trendy now, YouTubeMP3 also displays the top 20 downloaded music videos. 

Here are the instructions for using YouTubeMP3: 

  • Copy the video link in the address bar. 
  • Insert the link in the search box of YouTubeMP3. 
  • Choose the quality of the MP3 file you want to download. 
  • Tap on “Download” to save the music to your device. 

4. Syncios 


You can save all of your favorite YouTube songs on-the-go with Syncios.

You may use this YouTube downloader to quickly save video and music to your phone and tablet. 

Here is how to use Syncios: 

  • Download, install and launch Syncios on your device. 
  • Access the main interface. 
  • Find the “Video Downloader” option on the screen and insert the link to your favorite music video on the first box. 
  • Choose the download quality, save path, output format, and size for the downloaded file. 
  • Click “Start Download” to process and save the file. 

5. Vidmate 

Vidmate can help you download YouTube music to Android. You don’t have to load your phone with any video and music-sharing apps.

The instructions for using Vidmate are as follows:

  • Copy the video link in the address bar.
  • Insert the link into the Vidmate downloader’s search field.
  • Choose your preferred download format. 
  • To download music from YouTube to your device, click “Download.”

6. Is It Illegal To Download Audio From YouTube? 

Download Audio From YouTube

YouTube allows you to download your own content, non-copyrighted and public domain videos. You can’t download copyrighted content legally without the author’s permission. 

According to YouTube Support, you can only save videos that you have published. If you haven’t, saving the content on your computer will be impossible. Besides, you can download YouTube videos on your phone only. 

If you want to download audio from YouTube clips, please consider the following things: 

  • You violate YouTube’s service terms by saving and converting videos without the owner’s permission.
  • Downloading videos could be illegal under regional or federal copyright restrictions.
  • It is advisable to find out if the copyright owner for a movie, podcast, or song permits downloads from the platform. 
  • It makes sense to mention the author or source if you are utilizing the audio for any commercial purpose.

FAQs for download music on Youtube!

FAQ for music youtube

1. Can I download copyright-free music from YouTube?

Yes. YouTube allows users to download non-copyrighted content, including music. You need a downloader for this task. 

2. How do I know if a song is copyrighted? 

You can check it by uploading the music on YouTube. This platform uses a content ID-based copyright system to protect the music owners’ work and earn money by allowing other users to use the music. 

YouTube checks every music you upload to the site to verify if it contains copyrighted content. If Content ID identifies a match, you will receive a copyright claim. 


You can use the third-party tools we have shared in the post to download YouTube music for free. But please note that you should only use the tracks for personal purposes. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are always eager to assist you. Thank you for reading! 

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