How to Become Popular on YouTube?

How to Become Popular on YouTube?

How to become popular on YouTube? It’s hard to earn money and go viral on this vast platform, but we can help. Let’s scroll down to see what we suggest!  

YouTube is now not only a destination for entertainment but also an income source for YouTubers. So, how to become popular on YouTube and get rich?

If you are working or intend to build a career on this platform, our guide will be what you need. Let us share some pro tips to be a successful YouTuber!

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How to Become Popular on YouTube? 

Everyone has their own way of succeeding. But since YouTube has set its rules, you should follow them to mark your name on the platform. 

These ideas will help with your journey!

1. Choose a niche for your channel.

niche for your channel

There are topics to choose from, such as reviews, music, how-to, or humor.

You must decide what kind of material you will provide on your channel and connect it with your goal.

Once you have a niche, consider how your channel’s character can work to differentiate the videos.

As a YouTuber, you should always be sincere with your followers to set yourself apart and make it easier for them to interact with you.

2. Design your channel.

Presentation is crucial. It illustrates how meticulous you are as an influencer and represents your channel’s characteristics. 

There are many tools like Canvas or AI to design your channel. If you are not confident about your skills, at least ensure your channel background picture and profile photo are at the proper sizes.

Next, choose a name for your channel. Try to develop a visual language that you can consistently reproduce.

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3. Optimize for SEO.

People often use YouTube, a highly developed search engine, to find new content without a specific channel. To appear in their feeds, you need to focus on SEO settings. 

Here are some SEO tips to increase your channel’s engagement: 

  • Produce clips that have a high demand by using keyword research tools like Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner to discover popular searches.
  • To find out what topics are “hot” now, read discussions on sites like Quora, pay attention to Google Trends, and join relevant social media.
  • Try to use the target keyword about three to four times in the video description. Don’t forget to include it in the video’s title too. 
  • Utilize your analytics to determine people’s search words to find your channel. Then, you can best focus more content on that subject and perhaps even develop a series.
  • Examine the auto-population recommendations to gain more ideas for specific keywords and videos.

4. Focus on content creation.

content creation

Content decides the value you can bring to the community. People may try to find your channel and visit it every day because they are curious about what you create next. 

To produce high-quality content, you should stick to these rules:

  • Keep it concise: TikTok is getting popular because short videos work. So, although YouTube doesn’t limit the length of your videos, try to make them straightforward so that people feel ready to watch.  
  • Give a clear point: Regardless of the length, your videos should convey their messages. 
  • Follow trends: Trendy things are magical. YouTube users like to catch up on the trend. Hence, follow it to make people follow you. 
  • Stay relevant: Once you have decided on your niche, try to use relevant content. The niche that you set should map every road you take.
  • Be consistent: Don’t feel discouraged if your first videos fail. Establishing a consistent schedule to upload your clips is a way to win. Maybe your next video will be a hit. 

5. Engage with your community. 

Make sure you interact with your followers because they are crucial to the success of your channel. Hosting a YouTube live broadcast is a way to do it. 

You should interact with your audience on other media platforms beyond YouTube as well. Utilizing various platforms can help you reach new audiences.

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6. Promote your channel.

Promote your channel

No matter how successful you are as a YouTuber, you should always think of new ways to promote your channel. Some fantastic promotion methods are:

  • Running a contest
  • Inviting other creators to join your videos
  • Promoting your channel on other platforms
  • Using hashtags 

This video reveals some tips for promoting your channel. Please check and learn how to grow your fanbase:

7. Ideas For Viral Videos 

 Ideas For Viral Videos

YouTube has a huge fanbase. According to research, YouTube users like to search for these kinds of videos:

  • Comedy: Funny ideas will never get old because people always want to relax. Hence, brainstorm humorous content to attract your subscribers to your channel. 
  • Music: YouTube is an excellent destination for music lovers. You can compose a song, cover hits, or make lyrics videos. Parodies will be a fantastic idea because you can combine comedy and music in one place. 
  • Challenge: Challenge videos go trendy these days. If you come across an interesting idea, make it on your own. 
  • Babies or animals: YouTube users love seeing cute or funny moments of babies and animals. Add a comedic tone to your videos so that viewers will follow. 


Becoming a YouTube influencer is not easy. It’s a long journey that you can only conquer with passion, dedication, and persistence. 

Do not give up if you can’t make a hit. It will come to a diligent person one day. 

If you know any interesting tips about how to make yourself famous on YouTube, don’t hesitate to share them with us. We are so eager to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by! 

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